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Welcome to Hoosier!


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Furnace & Heat Pump / Air Conditioner Sales, Installation and Service in Terre Haute and Surrounding



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Why choose Hoosier Heating and Cooling?

  • Quality is our top priority.  Many say it but we deliver.  From screening and hiring quality people to electronic Customer and Service records, we have systems others do not to make sure we deliver quality services and respond to our customers needs.


  • We have and know how to use the latest technology to make you comfortable.  Ask us about modulating gas furnaces, mini split ductless, variable speed heat pumps, zoning, wireless thermostats.  We are trained and we can help.


  • We engineer your system.  No "rules of thumb", no matching the sizes of what you have, NO guessing!  We perform the load calculation (Manual J).  We evaluate your duct work.  We talk to you about what you want and what works best for your family.


  • We will do it right or we will not do it.  Our work is our report card.  We take pride in what we do and that means you get quality.


  • We are upfront and honest.  We provide everything we can in writing.  We take time to make sure you understand what you are getting and what it will cost and we have processes and paperwork to make sure we follow all the steps.


  • Our goal is to eliminate your heating and cooling issues.  You do not just drive your car.  You change the oil, wash it, tune it up, change tires, and change brakes while you own it.  Your heating and cooling system runs a lot more than your car.  Take time to ensure it is regularly maintained.  We can help you avoid costly repairs by partnering with you to service it.   Ask us how we can help.


  • Satisfaction Gurantee.  We want you satisified and we will go out of our way to achieve this goal.  Don't take our word for it, ask our customers.






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